Buying products from China, Thialand and other foreign markets can be a challenging and time-consuming effort. GSP not only acts as a sourcing agent for China and other markets but, more importantly, as your scalable procurement service provider in China and many other markets. Whether you are looking for a sourcing company that can provide you alternative global suppliers or you are looking to outsource your entire procurement organization, we have a tailored solution to meet your needs.

We realize that sourcing outside of your domestic market can be a daunting experience. We have over 6 years helping clients just like you. We will form a seamless partnership with you to cover as much of your procurement outsourcing needs as required. We know that it is value, cost savings and peace of mind that you are seeking when sourcing globally and looking for a procurement service provider.

As a procurement company with experience, we are not just looking to buy products on your behalf. We aim to become your procurement team wherever your business takes you. We aim to form a lasting partnership and provide an end to end service that lowers your costs, improves your product quality and reduces the need to have a permanent presence in the countries you are purchasing from.

Our team manages the entire purchasing process by taking a pro-active role to guarantee quality and delivery on your terms. Below are some examples of the activities we can undertake for you:

  • Manage day to day supplier communication
  • Handle all purchase orders and invoices
  • Perform Quality Assurance (inspections and audits)

Combined with our freight forwarding backbone, we can collect, ship and deliver wherever it takes.

Whether you have already identified your supplier or have just begun your search, we also help you finding the supplier that best suits your needs ensuring our purchasing process meet your end to end requirements.

Gandamar Shwe Pyi has consistently proved to be a one-stop solution for clients’ procurement needs as our services are aimed at achieving an excellent level of speed sourcing, execution and delivery.

Why use GSP for as your procurement service provider?

  • Cost effective: procurement outsourcing is a cost-effective supply chain solution regardless of purchase quantity.
  • We represent you: GSP represents only you, not the factory.
  • In-house sourcing team: GSP has diverse in-house talent at your disposal to implement technical solutions.
  • Scalable costs: The service is completely scalable as your demand fluctuates.
  • Quality control: Inspections, and other QC services available
  • Global coverage: with partner around the globe and combined with our freight forwarding service, we are able to provide accurate and timely door to door service