Timely and reliable customs clearance and port handling is key to ensuring shipments release from port and reach their delivery point on time. To achive that, GSP built the in-house customs clearance teams (Authorized Customs Broker) and provdes:

  • FCL, LCL, Break Bulk and Out-of-Gauge Ocean Port Customs Clearance/ Airport Customs Clearance/ handling /Cross-Border Customs Clearance for Trucking to/from Thailand, China, and Myanmar
  • To prevent costly delays on arrival, GSP operations teams work with shippers to approve and cross-check all shipping documentation for consistency, accuracy, and correct shipping information. This front-end due diligence is a cornerstone of the GSP customs clearance service.

With in-depth knowledge of current (and often changing) Myanmar customs laws, ASEAN trade regulations, international shipping, specific import licensing requirements, and applicable duty/tax rates, GSP can ensure maximum control, visibility, and cost savings over a notoriously opaque and difficult process.